Cristian Voaides shares his take on the possible solutions to volatility in the cryptocurrency market.

Recently, we had a talk with Cristian Voaides, CEO and Founder at Welthee, a decentralized investment fund that seeks to enable individuals, families, businesses, and governments to create and control their wealth even in volatile markets.

Can you tell us more about the Welthee project and why over 30 000 investors have chosen to join in?

Welthee is the platform where entry-level and experienced investors come together and join forces for the greater good. We use blockchain technology to create investment portfolios with various risk tolerances, depending on the investors’ preferences. Our platform is Certik audited, providing our users a safe and easy approach to investing.

As such, our ecosystem, enforced by our unique risk mitigation method, enables both direct investors and Launchpad companies:

  • Market participants to choose the risk exposure of an investment through secure, non-custodial, smart contracts which enforce risk thresholds.
  • High-value emerging blockchain projects to emit their own tokens in a secure and stable environment, protected from market manipulators and extreme price oscillations

Our team of more than 30 people, empowered by a well-represented Advisory Board of 7 Senior Advisors with extensive global background, is focused to understand challenges, build, operate and deliver the best quality software for investing.

How is Welthee able to help investors overcome the level of market volatility?

Diminished volatility is achieved by grouping risk-averse investors with risk tolerant investors through smart contracts in such a way that both profit and loss are spread and disbursed based on investor risk profiles, portfolio parameters, and overall market performance.

The key difference between Welthee’s portfolio strategy and traditional finance is that a single portfolio can lead to completely different outcomes. Our portfolios aren’t created based on investor risk profiles, but rather investors choose their risk exposure for a particular portfolio. That gives them multiple investment strategies for the same portfolio.

The investment process itself will be intuitive and short. Investors will have to decide on three input criteria:

  • Risk level - investors will choose the risk level they are willing to take: from zero to 100%.
  • Base currency - users can choose the pay-out currency they will receive when the portfolio exits the market.
  • Amount to invest - users will choose the amount they want to invest.

The key benefit here is that investors do not have to worry about timing the market. The portfolio enters with a set of rules and investors control their exact risk exposure, regardless of market conditions. From 0% risk investors all the way to 100% risk investors, each investor can create a strategy and know that it will be executed accordingly.

What type of investing opportunities does Welthee has to offer to users?

Welthee’s Launchpad gives users the ability to invest in the early stages of blockchain projects. Welthee’s goal is to partner with emerging networks as well as existing businesses looking to integrate blockchain technology.

  • Start-ups and existing businesses can expect access to additional capital and a friendly community. Their projects are presented to a stable network of people who elevate and appreciate them.
  • By purchasing tokens early on to have a lower price per token, investors can expect to see their account’s value and network grow alongside those tokens.

Visit our website or download our Lite Paper to learn more about how Welthee empowers people to create wealth and impact the world. Take control of your finances by investing with variable risk in our cryptocurrency portfolios!