You might not immediately think of this medium country in the Central / Eastern Europe region when you hear the term ‘blockchain and crypto boom’. And yet, it is Romania that is offering the world some of the greatest engineering and innovating minds when it comes to the crypto and blockchain industry development, and also a great enthusiastic adoption rate. This is also where the top-level event Crypto Expo Bucharest is scheduled to take place.

Here are all the reasons why Bucharest, Romania should be a must-have stop in your crypto and blockchain conference circuit.

Strong ties between the crypto and blockchain Romania startups

As any new industry where there is little unmovable establishment, it’s a local Gold Rush in the Romanian crypto and blockchain market, but a collaborative one. The country is known for both its numerous tech and fintech startups (only last year 100 new AI startups have been registered) AND the strong ties between them.

Perfect location for reuniting blockchain and crypto experts from CEE

Romania is ideally situated at the heart of the Central and Eastern Europe, making several of its cities (Timișoara, Cluj, Oradea, Iasi and, of course, Bucharest) strong regional tech hub points thanks to how easy it is to get from any point of the CEE region to them.

Whether you are flying or driving, you’ll find that this picturesque Old Europe country is perfectly placed so that you reach your intended destination with logistical ease and still fresh enough to make the most of your event.

Unique tech talent driving forward innovation

The Romanian tech talent is internationally renowned, being the second largest IT sector and economy in the CEE. Here you can find world-class engineers, developers, marketers and all the IT professionals that a crypto and blockchain projects needs to be able to compete with Western counterparts.

The "catch"? This amazing talent pool often comes with lower costs for the international employers who are comfortable expanding remotely. That means that the network of tech professionals in Romania is often working for some of the top crypto and blockchain companies in the world, which in turn fosters unique connections, opportunities and local knowledge.

This highly energetic local talent pool in turn feeds the crypto, blockchain and fintech event offering, making Romania the top industry destination. Attend a conference here and who knows, maybe you’ll be able to recruit your next CTO or CMO from among the attendees.

An already established industry conference circuit

There are plenty of other exciting events that take place in Romania that put the country on the map for professionals who are veterans of the blockchain and crypto conference circuit. One of these is Bitcoin Bucharest , the smaller sister event of the upcoming Crypto Expo Bucharest, that took place in May at the exclusive The Marmorosch location.

See for yourself how the event was reported on National TV and get the vibe of a Romanian crypto event:

Furthermore, lots of Romanian thought leaders are well-known presenters at industry talks and events abroad, at a global scale. Therefore, their international connections are more than happy to return the favor and participate when local Bucharest events take place.

A tradition of being at the forefront of blockchain and fintech innovation

With this much local talent and a yet unsaturated market, Romania is the perfect place to foster a blockchain and fintech startup boom. For now, there is only one company that achieved the highly coveted unicorn status, UIPath, but VCs and analysts pinpoint to a promisingly active startup stage being built locally.

Furthermore, the numbers you’ll encounter may not even tell half the story regarding blockchain and crypto in Romania. In search of easier paperwork and to create a better impression to foreign partners, many VCs and startups investors found their blockchain and crypto businesses in Western Europe countries, but the bulk of the work, innovation and excitement still takes place locally.

Tech talks hubs with strong industry ties

All 6-7 major Romanian cities, and Bucharest in particular as the capital, are hosts to a particularly dynamic assortment of meet-ups and tech talks for various niche communities. In any given month of the year there are at least 3 hackathons or community meet-ups for various tech niches, both grassroots-driven (like the successful Code for Romania gov-tech NGO) and industry top-down talks.

This environment of intense tech debates, meet-ups and hackathons is reflected into a strong local tech culture that contributes positively to a unique development of Romanian crypto and blockchain initiatives.

Great local attractions while you take a break from attending talks

Last, but not least, we should mention that Bucharest is a great city to visit, especially so in recent years as the city’s development made it a lovely and cosmopolitan place. This is also thanks to the local tech boom that breathed a new economic life into the Romanian capital.

You’ll be able to visit a capital mixing the old and the new in a well-preserved architecture inspired by antebellum Vienna and Paris, along with an impressive variety of acclaimed restaurants, cafes and a vibrant nightlife. From all the locations you’ll travel to for your crypto and blockchain events, Romania will shortly be among your favorites.