Did the upcoming Crypto Expo Bucharest B2B event catch your eye? Good! Even for veterans of the crypto and blockchain conference circuit (many of whom will be attending our event as speakers), the conference will be one to remember.

We already highlighted the key aspects that make Romania and Bucharest the cradle of an effervescent blockchain and crypto community. Especially if you haven’t been to an industry event here before, it’s time to start. This is why crypto and blockchain in Bucharest, Romania , are booming. Today, we'll get into more detail about why Crypto Expo Bucharest in particular is special and why it will be the niche event you will remember for a long time.

1. An extra-impressive pool of key people and projects

The lineup of speakers and blockchain and crypto projects that will be presented is never before seen in scope and variety. Of course, all individual key people are well-known in the international crypto and blockchain community, but we promise that you won’t see so many famous faces at another single event any time soon.

The exact details and speaker agenda for Crypto Expo Bucharest will follow as we are nearing our event, so stay tuned. We’ll follow up with the announcement soon enough and you’ll be just as excited about the participants, speakers and industry projects highlighted as we are.

2. Complete hotel takeover

The 5-star Sheraton hotel (part of the Marriott chain) in the center of Bucharest will host the upcoming Crypto Expo Bucharest, but unlike other conferences, this one will completely take over the venue.

We’ve all been a part of otherwise impressive events, as far as the speaker line-up and agenda went, but the logistics left a lot to be desired. Among the top dampers in a conference’s appeal is the distance from the participant’s hotel to the main event venue, along with confusing location organization. For example, having another conference take place at the same venue at the same time, or having your event restricted to a less visible / accessible side of the hotel.

All these won’t be an issue: Crypto Expo Bucharest will be special through the location and venue management, as well. When you’re making your way through the hotel to get from one conference room to another, or just hanging out in the lobby to catch your breath, you can relax and strike up a conversation with anyone around, because you can be sure that everyone there is a part of the mega crypto and blockchain event.

With a brand name like Sheraton involved, you can be sure that the snacks and lunch offered as part of Crypto Expo Bucharest will be top-notch, as usual. Dinner will be offered in the same building, at Benihana Bucharest, the Japanese restaurant brand most of us already know and love from our other journeys around the globe, for top crypto events or just leisure.

3. Over 5000 square meters of expo space

With conference and expo space of this size, the crypto and blockchain projects and the people we bring together will have everything they need to really display their ideas in all of their glory. The participant stands and presentation corners hosted by this space will be the ideal setting to spark up productive conversations and lay the foundation for key partnerships.

As mentioned above, the upcoming Crypto Expo Bucharest will be a grand affair, and the expo space will be one the details that put the grandeur in it. The over 5000 square meters of expo space are just one of the ways we’ll be raising the bar for industry events.

4. Three large conference rooms

As the biggest crypto and blockchain even in Central Eastern Europe, the Crypto Expo Bucharest will not be confined to a single area of conference proceedings. We will have three grand conference rooms with parallel presentations and discussions for various sub-niches and topics of interest.

This way, you are free to choose from the detailed presentation agenda which crypto and blockchain talks, debates or workshops you’d most like to attend and just go where the action is. No need to sit through talks that aren’t 100% you cup of tea just to get to what interests you more.

5. The hottest clubs and parties on the entire crypto conference circuit

This will take place in Bucharest, so we couldn’t forget about fun! This Eastern European country excels at hospitality, and it’s all about the fun embedded in everything. So, get ready for the biggest and most impressive parties in the crypto and blockchain conference circuit that you’ve ever been a part of!

Some of the Crypto Expo Bucharest after-hours’ events will take place inside the venue, taking advantage of Sheraton’s high-class amenities. Even if we stopped there, the most amazing parties and after-event drinks would still be a success. But some of the activities we planned for your leisure will be a surprise, so prepare to be delighted in Bucharest, the city that puts fun on the map of Eastern Europe.

6. A unique market mix of US, Western Europe, Eastern Europe and Asia

If you’ve been to enough crypto and blockchain events, you’ll start noticing that after a while they all tend to feel like a collection of gated clubs with the same separate ‘gang’ territory one event after another. Not the case for our event: Crypto and Expo Bucharest will reunite top players in the field from all over the world, in a truly cosmopolitan and international fashion.

We have key blockchain and crypto speakers from Western Europe, Eastern Europe, and Asia and the United States too, not just the faces you are used to seeing at your usual events. We will also include exciting new projects from emerging crypto and blockchain markets in the expo part of the event, so you can get up to speed on how the international market is transforming before our eyes. By no means will this be a geo-limited event that validates the same circles of people and ideas you’ve already been exposed to.

As a sort-of crossroads between West and East, and with such a vibrant and alive local crypto and blockchain community, Bucharest is the ideal location for a world-class event. This is also one of the reasons why Crypto Expo Bucharest will be such a special event that you simply must attend as the crowning jewel on your industry conference circuit.