With over a million registered users, Zonda is one of the largest and longest-running cryptocurrency exchanges in Eastern and Central Europe. Having been in business since 2014, the dedicated team behind Zonda has gained the necessary experience and skills required to successfully navigate the confusing and risky world of cryptocurrencies.

With full licensing and regulatory oversight by the FIU in Estonia and the OAM in Italy, Zonda can safely provide the necessary tools for digital asset trading to people all over the world. Our strong commitment to regulatory compliance and transparency is a source of great pride for Zonda, as we’ve worked hard to meet the often stringent KYC and AML requirements. This involves keeping a close eye on who is using the platform and for what reasons, to ensure that non-compliant users don’t put innocent customers at risk.

In addition, the exchange utilizes the latest technology to ensure that users are kept safe at all times and have access to the most cutting-edge trading tools available. From our simple and convenient mobile apps to our PRO user interface, we offer everything that the modern crypto trader needs. With 60+ cryptocurrencies and over 200 trading pairs, the exchange benefits from a competitive fee structure and a wide range of options for quick and easy deposits and withdrawals.

The importance of safe trading

At Zonda, we believe that the correct use of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology can have a positive impact on the global financial sector, but as recent events have proven, in the wrong hands, the consequences can be devastating for consumers. Without decent regulatory oversight, the entire sector becomes susceptible to manipulation and abuses, and those who get hit the hardest are usually innocent customers with no recourse for compensation.

At Zonda, we aim to prove to the world that the digital assets industry has great potential, and when organizations work in harmony with regulators, it’s possible to deliver safe and beneficial services to consumers. The trading of digital assets in a safe and secure manner not only helps to legitimize the sector but strengthens the industry as a whole, providing unique financial services to individuals and helping businesses to develop new and innovative products. Without secure onramps like Zonda to aid in the purchase and trade of cryptocurrencies, the industry would never achieve mainstream adoption and its potential could be lost to the world forever.

In many years from now, we hope early crypto users will look back on these days as we do on the early days of the internet, and be proud to have been part of a critical technological revolution in our financial history.