Despite this year’s difficult economic climate, big companies filing for bankruptcy and some predicting that “crypto is dead”, the blockchain industry might be coming out stronger than ever.

The largest Blockchain and Crypto conference in the Eastern and Central Europe sees the latest developments in the crypto industry as something rather good for the health of the industry.

"It's a very painful, but necessary cleansing. We are pushing fraud out of the community and we are self-promoting transparency, setting public proof of solvency and making it safer for everyone. As regulators failed to understand and properly regulate blockchain and crypto for so many years, the industry is now solving this by itself.", stated Ruxandra Tataru, CEO of Crypto Expo Europe.

The focus in on Education: with special guests from the biggest exchanges in the market today, Binance, KuCoin, Gemini, OKX, LBank and others, the event will openly debate the most important topic for crypto industry today after FTX failure: how to ensure the safety of customer funds, both from hacks but also from inside fraud. Over 100 top level executives will work together trying to restore trust in the market so humanity can use the huge benefits of blockchain while minimizing risks.

The bear market is of course bad news as people lose money but also gives the opportunity to build stronger products, better solutions and exclude the bad apples from the basket. 2023 will bring amazing changes to make crypto an easier and more accessible means of payment for everyone while making blockchain more sustainable, reducing energy consumption with over 90%.

Crypto Expo Europe brings together builders and top web3 educators in the perfect place to foster a blockchain and fintech startup boom, Bucharest, Romania. With so much local talent, most wallets per capita in Europe, but yet an unsaturated market, Romania has world-class engineers, developers and also high adoption, all crypto and blockchain projects need to build and grow.